Breastfeeding mothers who choose to return to work after delivery rely on a breast pump to collect their milk while at work. This maintains their milk supply and allows them to store just enough milk for the baby when they are not around. Breast pumps are available in different types, and manufacturers continue to improve it and help more nursing mothers. They come in various styles and models, which actually benefit more moms since they have varying needs. There are hospital-grade electric pumps that help mothers who are having trouble breastfeeding. However, not all moms can easily afford the device. Some of them opt to buy second-hand units while some just choose to rent. However, women should be aware of the fact that their insurance can pay for the cost of their breast pump.

Affordable Care Act and Breastfeeding

Under the ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans starting August 2, 2012 should cover cost of purchase or rental of breast pumps. This means covering the cost of the device in full, or 100%. Mothers should ask their insurance company about some restrictions. The company may have some restrictions, such as the covering only particular brands or models, or those purchased in-network. Some may cover any pump but pays only 80 percent of the amount. Mothers should always be aware of their options.

Knowing What the Insurance Covers

Nursing moms, or those who plan to breastfeed, can request their plan administrator for written information about breast pump coverage to help avoid confusion. In case they are not yet covered by the Act, many companies cover breast pumps. The documentation can be used if the mother is already deciding on which product to buy. You might need the recommendation of your doctor regarding the right breast pump to buy. Reading breast pump reviews like those available here can help you compare each type to be able to choose the best one. Once you come up with a choice, you may determine if your insurance provider will cover the cost.

Covering Rentals

Some mothers opt to just rent a breast pump. Usually, hospital-grade pumps are available for rent because these can be fully sterilized, making them ideal for multiple users. Moms who are not sure if they will be pumping can try by renting such machine. There is no need to worry about the cost, because most insurance providers also cover breast pump rentals. The plan administrator may also set the guidelines on how long coverage lasts for a rented pump, or when they intend to provide the pump. However, moms and their doctor will decide on what is right for them and their baby. It is because insurance companies will follow what the doctor recommends.

Breastfeeding is still the best way to ensure that a baby is given proper nourishment. The law gives importance to this health practice as stipulated in the Affordable Care Act. It is such a big help for mothers if their insurance covers cost of a breast pump and other breastfeeding supplies. This is also a good way to encourage mothers to nurse their babies. As to breast implants cost should procedure be required this site will give you a better understanding of what to expect during the procedure.

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