The Rise and Fall of Health Trends

There’s always a new health trend sweeping through culture.

And one of these new trends to gain mainstream attention is the practice of using essential oils for aromatherapy and overall healing.

Maybe you’ve heard a good deal about essential oils and aromatherapy already, but if you haven’t yet, you are likely to soon enough.

Can Essential Oils Really Help Us Heal?

Today I’d like to tackle the question: are there really health benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy?

Well it turns out to be a bit of a challenge to this figure out. One which we will explore in this post.

It’s hard to take seriously all of the new fads in health today. While some new trends bring us genuine ways to improve our health, other so called “advancements” are no more than shams brought about by modern day charlatans trying to make a quick buck.

Of course many critics jump straight to the conclusion that this aromatherapy trend falls directly into the charlatan health category – and it’s trickery will soon be exposed and this health trend soon forgotten.

Other people disagree with this critique and shun the idea that this trend will leave us as quickly as it came. It appears that much of the health community truly believe these oils can be incredibly healing and are here to stay.

But why? What makes aromatherapy special? And how can smell truly heal us? If aromatherapy isn’t just a flash in the pan health quackery, what makes it work?

How Aromatherapy Works

According to aromatherapists the scents of essential oils offer more than just a simple tool to make your house smell nice before visitors arrive. The true health benefits involve an intense bond between scent and our relationship to certain organic plant materials.

The idea goes that there are countless therapeutic plants with healing benefits specific to human beings that have been utilized for millennia. These scents are not only familiar to us as they were our ancestors, but they are woven into our cells and can directly affect our overall well-being.

Every time you inhale a scent that fragrance is directly processed by the hypothalamus in the brain. This organ regulates a plethora of bodily functions including growth hormones, ability to sleep, our emotional fluctuations as well as many other key bodily roles.

Once the hypothalamus processes incoming scent information it send these signals to the hippocampus which influences the creation of our memories. Your mind then associates certain responses to particular smells. This is why certain smells so easily induce past memories to come to the surface.

This ability of scents to evoke emotional responses in the mind is a powerful tool. There are countless scents that are hardwired into our collective minds. Some scents signal us to become fearful or aggressive, while others promote a strong sense of safety, focus, calmness and wellbeing.

And by choosing aromatic scents that are well known to nourish our system we are able to awaken the mind’s ability to heal itself.

What Do You Think?

This quick summary above is obviously a severely condensed analysis on the workings of aromatherapy. There are far more ways to use essential oils than what’s been described above, like applying cure an ear infection.

So what do you think? Is there merit for using essential oils and aromatherapy in your life? Do you think aromatherapists should be considered genuine healthcare practitioners?

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