UK Muslim Family Banned from Their Disney Land TripWe all know how Donald Trump is gearing towards a very Anti-Muslim America, once he wins the presidential elections. In a report from Yahoo News, Trump said that he is considering the idea of having Muslims in America documented and identified by launching a Muslim Database. This sounds all too familiar to how the Nazi’s did with the Jews and we all hope that history wouldn’t be repeating itself on this one. Apart from the database, he further extended that he is open to the idea of having warrantless searches in Mosques and shutting them down once there are at least 2 to 3 people who are accused of a crime.

While a lot of people are against his ideas, it seems that it’s already in play. Just recently, a British Muslim family of 11 was barred from going to their flight to California. The family was going there to visit Disney land. Reports say that the family has already acquired all the needed documents beforehand and they were already cleared even before the December 15 booking, but was still prevented from boarding their flight. The US Homeland Security hasn’t even released a statement as to why the family was treated that way.

This is actually not the first case of British Muslims being barred from entering the US. Ajmal Masroor, another complainant said that he knows of 20 other cases that choose to remain silent over the issue.

This is making me sick

Sure, we’ve seen dozens of crimes that are credited to the Muslims, but this does not paint the entire picture. This doesn’t mean that every single Muslim in the world is violent and potentially dangerous. The idea alone is so gut-wrenching. They are people too, with equal rights as we all have.

Trump hasn’t even won the office yet, but we already seem to see how America will be in the years to come when he sits on that chair.

I’ll just find something where I could channel my anger

I am not very happy at how things are turning out. So before I even say things that I should not be saying, I will just try to do something to help me cool down. Today I am planning to do drop by to the hardware store to grab a few things. My family plans to do bits of redecoration inside the house for this coming 2016 and I was tasked with looking for the best items out there.

Among the things I am going to buy is a carpet cleaner, and right now I am trying to google brands of the best carpet cleaners around my town. I have also a couple of readings about best home carpet cleaner manufacturer just so I know which brand to get if they don’t have what I want.

Another thing on the to-do list is buying a new set of paint. We are also planning to repaint the walls a bit to make it look more jolly. I for one could use the new color of the interiors because I believe this isn’t the only time that I would hear about such news.

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