the rise of the sharing economyThe sharing economy has created a strong buzz around the world. With the success of Uber and Airbnb, many countries are adopting this concept. Vancouver is not behind, and they have started based on the sharing economy concept. It is thought that this will take Vancouver by storm. is a local online marketplace that lets users lend and borrow any item easily within the local community. This new approach will help people share resources and save money. For example, you need a bouncy castle for your kid’s party. Instead of buying one you can hire it from your neighbor at a very low cost. The main idea behind is that whatever you need, someone in your community must have it and many of them must be willing to lend it. Here are the top reasons why  is set to create a stir in Vancouver.

Everyone in the community will become a micro-entrepreneur

Everybody in the community can start earning money in minutes by using this platform. You only need to have the mind setup to share items and the items you want to share must be in good condition.

How to lend an item on

The transaction is safe

The purpose of this marketplace is to provide a positive sharing experience in the local community. This way, the people will gain both financially and socially. The platform currently limits sharing among the members of the same community. Also, you get a $1000 UrbanShare Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Reduce the urge of buying

By sharing items, you stop yourself from buying new items. Many of us have too many things in our house we hardly use. So, by renting things, you can reduce your monthly expenditures.

Give-away economy

There are many kinds of stuff that you are thinking to get rid of. You may either recycle them or throw them away. These items may be useful to someone else. So, instead of throwing them away, you can rent them out and earn some money out of it.

People have already accepted the Uber and Airbnb business. So, the idea is not new. People have already started to realize the benefits of a sharing economy. Therefore, it is expected that there will be many users of The idea of earning something every day from things that you don’t use much is something they will be attracted to. It’s one of the easiest ways of earning money. So, this business is going to be a huge success in Vancouver. Slowly, it will start operating in the other major states of Canada as well.  Check it out and become a member today at

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