If you notice that your roof is leaking, or the shingles are falling off, you may wonder if it’s time to replace or repair your roof. It can be a tough job to find a good commercial contractor for your roof. High-quality commercial roofing in Calgary is hard to find. You need to ask some important questions to the roofing contractor before hiring them. Answers to these questions will affect your hiring decision.

1. Are you licensed?

In most states, it is a law that roofers need to be licensed. So, you need to check whether the contractor has a license or not. You must check the validity of the license. The license is proof that the contractor has the technical know-how to complete the roofing job. You should ask the contractor to give you a copy of the license so that you can verify.

2. Do you have insurance?

The contractor needs to have two types of insurances. One is the workman’s compensation insurance and the other is the general liability insurance. The workman’s compensation insurance protects the workers in case of injury. If you hire a contractor who doesn’t have this insurance, then in case a worker gets hurt while working on your property, you might have to pay the medical bills. General liability insurance will cover your property. In case a contractor burns your house accidentally or cause any other damage, the insurance will protect you.

3. Do you provide a roofing warranty?

Without warranty, you will be in trouble if something goes wrong. Most contractors provide ten years of workmanship warranty. Some even provide manufacturers’ materials warranty as well. You should read the contract carefully to make sure that an agreed-upon warranty is included.

4. Can you give homeowner references?

You must get a list of references before hiring a contractor. You should call some of the people whose name is included in the list of references to find out how about the contractor’s performance. Ask the people whether the contractor’s work was satisfactory or not. You can also ask them if they encountered any problem with the contractor or not.

5. Can you give written estimates?

The written roofing estimate that the contractor will provide you must be detailed. You should also know about the start and end date of the project, and the payment procedures as well. You should ask for an itemized list of what needs to be done. These include which material is needed and in what quantity, the cost of materials, etc. Knowing the cost of the project will help you to be prepared ahead of time.

When you find the best roofers in Calgary, ask these questions so you will be able to judge them and be satisfied with your hiring decision. Hire a qualified Calgary roofing contractor to ensure good work.

If you’ve been scouring the country looking for the perfect place to build your dream home, look no further. British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley is the place for you. In recent years, this region and the cities it’s comprised of have ranked amongst the top for a wide range of reasons. Some of the accolades include being a top wine destination, being one of the best places in the country to visit and having the best public space in Canada. From its scenic views to its moderate climate, here are top five reasons you should renovate your home in the Okanagan, according to the best Kelowna contractors.

There are so many great vistas in the Okanagan. From beautiful lake shore views to hilltop panoramas, there is a myriad of views to consider when selecting a property to build on. The Okanagan also offers some stunning sunrises and sunsets, so make sure you incorporate some nice big windows in your dream home design.

2. Weather
The Okanagan Valley is the warmest region in all of Canada. Located at the northern most point of the Sonoma Desert, the semi-arid climate offers warm summers and mild winters. One great advantage of the warmer weather is that construction can take place during most of the year.

3. Property values
Average house prices in the Okanagan are on an upward trend. Since many areas of the Okanagan remain relatively undiscovered, it’s a great time to build a new home and watch your investment grow.

4. Community
The Okanagan Valley is home to several small and mid-sized cities. This allows for the region to have a great smaller community feel, while still having access to great amenities that are on par with bigger cities. The Okanagan boasts the 10th busiest international airport, a great transportation system and top educational institutions and health care options. In addition, there are community events and activities for all ages available year round.

5. Proximity
The Okanagan region has a lot to offer in its immediate proximity. From ski resorts and golf courses to beaches and orchards, there’s something for everyone in the Okanagan. We would also be remiss to mention all of the world-class wineries in the area. Beyond that, the Kelowna airport provides quick and easy access to many Canadian and U.S. hubs and Vancouver and Calgary are within driving distance.

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