We, at Ourblook, look to provide news and journalism on relevant social topics in todays society. In the last 2 decades journalism has changed from a newspaper based medium to a more online presence where editors can easily submit content to be published online. This has made it much easier to gain access to news and information which is a very good thing that has empowered the public, but one of the negatives to this is that anyone can publish information which makes it difficult to sometimes determine which information is correct and not correct.

We look to provide useful and accurate information on all kinds of subjects from media to publish issues and down to even Healthcare. Some other topics we cover here are political topics that can sometimes lead to heavy debates and discussions.

We hope that you coming here will allow you to gain useful information on a variety of topics and that we will help breathe new life into journalism and change the way people view it. One of our driving forces is to change the direction of journalism into a more online, media friendly venue with the ability to integrate social media sharing to allow the spread of knowledge more easily.