After buying a dog, first time dog owners are often unsure what kind of training techniques to teach the new dog. There are different approaches to dog training which includes traditional, modern and a balanced one. All these approaches are effective if applied properly. They use different principles for training dogs. The traditional training believes in the principle that you should let the dogs make mistakes and then correct him to teach acceptable behavior. The modern training lets the dog behave the correct way and reinforcing him for doing it. The balanced approach uses a combination of the traditional and modern principle. The training methods have been improved over the years. Puppy training NYC suggests these four very effective training methods for the dog owners.

  1. Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)
    It is a new training technique that has gained huge popularity recently. This technique is dependent on repetitions. Different scenarios are created so that dogs can go through them. You need to work a little far from the trigger where the dog shows a mild reaction to the stimulus. Then you should wait for the dog to show an alternative behavior like looking around of smelling the ground. Once the dog shows a desirable behavior, you should reward the dog for it.
  2. Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT)
    This is also a modern training technique that has shown amazing results. This technique is based on the ‘Counter Conditioning Dog Behavior Therapy.’ Classical conditioning technique plays a big role here. In this technique, you should place the trigger at a distance where the dog doesn’t show any signs of a reaction. You must pair the trigger with food just like in the classical conditioning technique. The dog should start changing his emotional response from being aggressive or fearful to a positive one.
  3. Clicker Training and Marker Training
    This training has been used for many decades. The technique uses a clicker, which is a small device that makes click’ sound after it is pressed. It is used to communicate with your dog. It lets you explain which behavior is desirable. The clicker is often known as a secondary reinforcer, conditioned reinforcer or bridging stimulus. Scientifically, when you reinforce a behavior with a reward, you must deliver the reward within 0.8 seconds of showing the particular behavior. When you delay, the dog refocuses on something else, and once the reward is delivered, he thinks that he has been rewarded for his refocused behavior and not the behavior you intended for. It is quite impossible to reward the dog so fast. So, the clicker is used to mark the behavior of the dog. Once you click on it when the dog shows a desirable behavior, it tells the dog that he is getting rewarded for this particular behavior.
  4. Alpha Dog Training
    You need to use prong collars, choke chains, or e-collars for this training. You can also use a hand squeeze that feels like a quick bite. This training uses a balanced approach as it includes positive reinforcement also like praise and treat. It is used for dealing with aggression towards other dogs or people. It is also used for unruly behavior inside the house such as stealing food, leash pulling, or knocking the children.

NYC dog training is evolving with time. The best NYC dog trainer is coming up with new techniques to get improved results. The training just mentioned have been tested, so try these techniques to train your dog.

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